A Heartfelt Mahalo: Korean Guests' Appreciation for Our Special Pho Dish

Aloha, dear guests and friends! At Olalani, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude as we extend a warm "mahalo" to our cherished Korean guests who have showered us with their heartfelt feedback, particularly expressing admiration for our special Pho dish at the resort's exquisite restaurant Frangipani.

Our culinary team, led by talented chefs dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences, crafted the special Pho dish with care and precision. The aromatic broth, the perfectly cooked rice noodles, and the flavorful combination of herbs and spices have left an indelible mark on the taste buds of our Korean guests. Their appreciation serves as a testament to the passion and dedication that goes into every dish prepared at our resort.

A special Pho dish is served at our Olalani Resort & Condotel

Photo courtesy of haochi_28

It brings us immense joy to hear such positive responses from our esteemed Korean visitors, who have not only embraced the spirit of aloha but also embraced the unique flavors we strive to offer. The delectable Pho, a Vietnamese culinary masterpiece, has become a symbol of our commitment to providing an authentic and diverse culinary experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional Hawaiian fare.

Chef Thuan always brings joy to our lovely guests who admire the traditional Vietnamese cuisine

We want to express our deepest gratitude for the insightful feedback we have received, as it motivates us to continually elevate our offerings and exceed the expectations of our valued guests. Your appreciation for the special Pho dish is not just a compliment to our culinary team but an affirmation of our commitment to creating an immersive and culturally rich experience for all who visit our Hawaiian-themed haven.

"Anyway, the second breakfast too. It ended so deliciously that my stomach was full~ haha" (translated from Korean)

"Because it's a resort with a lot of Koreans, they also serve kimbap~~ Make sure to go and get an omelet and fruit!! Pho !! Come and taste. The fruit was so delicious haha. I ate dragon fruit and mango without fail!" (translated from Korean)

"Wow, the Pho here is delicious. It seemed better than other hotels and I only ate the Pho twice. In general, I like Olanani Resort."(translated from Korean)

"I ate so much for breakfast that I was able to make it to lunch too haha."(translated from Korean)

As we bask in the warmth of your kind words, we look forward to welcoming you back to Olalani for more moments of bliss, relaxation, and, of course, culinary delights that transport you to the heart of the Pacific. Mahalo nui loa, thank you very much, for being a part of our 'ohana (family) and for making Olalani a place where memories are made and cherished.

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